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At Mega CMC, we aim to build a creative community so that we can glorify our Lord Jesus through the gifts He has given unto us. Worship is as much about tidying the stage when no one is watching, as it is playing our instruments in front of hundreds.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10)


- to ENABLE your gifts and creativity
- to ASPIRE and inspire a lifestyle of worship
- to GROW in unity and passion
- to LEAD and serve humbly
- to EXALT our God and our King

On every level, we want to seek and to aspire a lifestyle of worship that glorifies our Lord, equally, we want to inspire worship in others. Whether we are on the platform or in the midst of the congregation, our worship should encourage others in worship.

There is no ‘I’ in the word ‘TEAM’, hence it is our calling to be united at all times as a ministry. We need to constantly seek His wisdom to help us grow in unity. Similarly, we as individuals, and as a team need to constantly let our passion grow. Let our lives and songs be marked by more than just a temporary excitement and emotions. Let us burn with a holy, enduring passion that day after day brings glory to the One who sets us free.

It is important for us to be reminded at all times, that servanthood is one of the best characteristics in leadership. Let us learn to encourage one another to serve and lead in humility at all times. Worship is not only about creating beautiful music or leading the next popular worship song; worship is all about Jesus.

Finally, our most important vision as a worship team is to always exalt His name – for all that we do, and all that we say, let us glorify His name.


James Leong (LCEC Member) – Music & Worship Ministry Leader | Worship Leader
James’ primarily role involves overseeing all worship and music related areas. That includes our Sunday Celebration Worship, Mega English Celebration, Usher team, Choir team, and the Sound and Production team also known as – 3M ministry.

Eden Ho (Part-time Ministry Staff) – Worship Coordinator | Worship Leader
Eden’s role involves carrying the vision and bringing the team together through developing the worship life, worship teaching and the music ministry of the church.

Alice Tan – Creative Leader | Worship Leader
Alice heads up the creative ministry in our church. Her passion is to bring breakthrough combining music, art, and inspirational designs into our worship.

Stephanie Lau – Training Coordinator | Worship Leader
Stephanie is in charge of both in-house trainings and out-sourced trainings. We aim to set up at least one to two trainings a year for both vocalists and musicians. She will also update the team with the latest worship conference and worship concerts happening around us!

Joshua Lim (Ministry Staff) – Admin Coordinator | Musician
Joshua is in charged of updating our song list into our database. He will also be involved in helping out in all trainings. Together with Eden, Joshua helps lead the MJYF’s worship team in training and workshops.

Joel Ting – Instruments Advisor & Auditions | Musician
Joel is in charged on overseeing and maintaining all the instruments in this church, making sure they are ready to be used to serve the church at all times! He is also in charged in recruiting new members twice a year.

Tan Yi Fen – Music Advisor | Musician
Yi Fen is in charged on overseeing the quality of the musicians and vocalists in giving feedback and training in order to improve the skills of our team members, so that we can truly give our best to the Lord.


• Discipleship
- Worship is all about bringing honour and glory to God. We expect all of our team members to be DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ who regularly read the bible and spend time in prayer and personal worship.

- Team members are expected to be ACTIVELY involved in life group, as well as regularly attending church on Sundays. (If you are considering in applying but have not attached to a life group currently, may we encourage you to join one before sending your form in.

- Attendance at rehearsals, punctual arrival at gatherings and prompt response to team correspondence are vital.

- Each candidate must complete a three-week orientation before acceptance into the Worship Team. Each candidate must attend and participate in three consecutive rehearsals before taking the platform in a Sunday worship service. This process is designed to further assess the candidate’s participation. During this three-week period, four factors will be monitored to determine the ongoing participation of each member. These four factors are as follows: Commitment (consistent attendance), Conduct (spiritual), Competence (skill level) and Compliance (guidelines). At anytime during orientation, the worship coordinator will determine the candidate’s eligibility for full-time membership.

• Skills
- Medium/Advanced level of competency on your instrument.
- Ability to play from chord sheets, learn parts and keep time.
- Previous experience of playing in a worship team or band.
- Ability to follow signals form the worship leader
- For vocalists, you must be able to keep time, hold solo parts, and most importantly, you must be able to do basic harmonization.
- Availability and prompt arrival for practices at the following rehearsal times: Thursday 8.30pm & Sunday 7.15am / Saturday 2.30pm


Our Choir Ministry began since 1992. During that time, although our church only has a small number of worshippers, the passion of serving in this ministry had not been stopped. The ministry was called and led by our church member, the late Uncle Hooi who then became one of the Choir Advisors.

Today, our Choir Ministry is still the light of His church and continuous spreading the Word of God through hymn experiences.


To share the gospel of Jesus Christ through songs, cultivate sacred music among worshippers, encourage believers in their walk with Christ, inspire the congregation and provide a platform through which individuals may share their gifts and be an instrument of God.

“Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.” Colossians 3:16


Music & Worship Ministry Chairman – James Leong (LCEC member)
• Liaise with church Senior Pastor and LCEC for Choir Ministry update and events
• Get approval from the Senior Pastor for any event or engagement extended to or concerning a choir.

Choir Conductor – Sis. Ong Chee Hin
• Conduct presentation during celebrations and rehearsals.
• Responsible in planning rehearsals, presentation and other special events.
• Attend and conduct choir rehearsals weekly.
• Responsible for the selection of songs.

Choir Coordinator – Sis. Lena Wee
• Conduct choir meetings.
• Approve any invitations or engagements outside of the church in cooperation with the Music & Worship Ministry Chairman and Senior Pastor.
• Recruit new members.
• Communicate with the Choir Conductor for rehearsal times.
• Contact choir members in regards to rehearsal changes.
• Contact absent members.
• Advise members of dismissal from the choir.
• Responsible for the planning and coordination of all choir functions (i.e., workshop, programs).
• Plan choir fellowships, outings, and in reach/outreach activities.
• Provide all new members with a copy of the choir’s guidelines and order choir robes as needed.
• Maintain an up-to-date membership roll for the choir.

Treasurer – Sis. Koh Fei Hwa
• Collect money and maintain records for purchases if necessary (i.e., robes, files, etc.).

Team Leader
(Sis. JoJoe Tan – Soprano, Sis. Au Yang Soo Mei – Alto, Bro. Alan Liew – Tenor, Bro. Lee Chee Sun – Base)
• Assist the choir coordinator with duties as assigned.
• Record attendance of members.
• Advise Choir Conductor and coordinator of repeat absentees.


Members are required to have good spiritual life with God.

a) Attendance
• Members are expected to be present and on time for all rehearsals and presentations. When this is not possible, it is the member’s responsibility to contact the Coordinator/Team leader and advise them of the situation.
• After two consecutive absences from rehearsals, an individual will not sing with the choir at the next presentation.
• After four consecutive absences, the choir member’s name will be deleted from the active choir roll, following communication stating such from a choir coordinator.
• Members are expected to arrive not less than 30 minutes before serving, in order to participate in a period of consecration.
• Cleanliness of choir robes and other uniforms are essential and the responsibility of the member.

b) Presentation
• Members are expected to be on time for all presentations.
• Cleanliness of choir robes and other uniforms are essential and the responsibility of the member.
• Members are expected to refrain from unnecessary talking or note passing during celebration, or presentation.


• Ability to read song sheets, learn parts and keep time.
• Members should be able to enhance their singing skill from times to times.
• Members should be willing to attend internal or external workshop if required.

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Worship Team
Sunday serving team:
Thursdays 8.30pm
Sundays Pre-worship 7.15am

MEC serving team:
Sundays 11.15am

Every Thursday(except prior to 1st week) 8.30pm to 10.30pm
Presentation: Every 4th Sunday celebration