About Christian Education (CE)

CE purpose and mission

Cultivate godly children  who fear and obey God
This mission builds from the individual to community; not only for the future of the family but also the future of the society. To shape and build a community and society that preaches the gospel and upholds the law.

According to Deuteronomy 6:6-9, CE is education that covers a whole-person, all times, and all places:
  • Whole person: keep the word of God in your heart, tie the scriptures to your hands, and put them on your forehead as a mark.
  • All times: you have to keep reminding and teaching all the time
  • All places: whether you are sitting at home, walking on the road, at home or at the city gate (going out), you must be diligent in teaching.

Mega CMC CE Structure:

Christ Embodiment - CE is displayed through fellowship, life group, and sermon messages.