About Mega Missions Ministry

Since the establishment of the local conference in 1995, Mega CMC Missions Ministry has been encouraging brothers and sisters to participate in short-term missions in response to God’s Great Commission. At the same time, we also conduct mission training courses and short-term mission training to help brothers and sisters participate in the mission field.

Global mission is the responsibility of all believers. The church also strives to apply various mission platforms and strategies to fulfill the Great Commission:

  • Set up a short-term mission platform
  • Experience cross-cultural and cross-language ministry
  • Diaspora ministry
  • Missionary's life introduction
  • Promote spiritual growth through prayer, worship, and sharing of the gospel, Cooperation with mission agencies and establish partnership
  • Claiming overseas churches as mission platforms and field wor

In addition, the church also provides a Mission Exploration Program to help committed brothers and sisters to participate in short or medium-term missions to the mission field. It is also hoped that through the experience, learning, and training, more will be the life-long missionaries and seek a career in full-time mission.

Mission Strategy and Development:

  1. Overseas short term missions (contact and participate in cross-cultural missions)
  2. The development of Cambodia’s mission field (coordinating the goals of Cambodia’s short-term missions and the in-depth development of short-term ministry)
  3. Mission training/courses/sharing (to create awareness and training for missions)
  4. Diaspora ministry (expanding the ministry of foreign workers and strengthening participation)
  5. Missionary Experience Project (Cultivating people with missionary calling to grow in the mission field)